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Self-drying Soap Dish

Self-drying Soap Dish

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Minimalist and functional, this self drying soap dish is perfect for soap bars, including dish washing soap blocks - with extra space for bamboo cleaning utensils. 

Made of 100% diatomite, also known as diatomaceous earth, a sustainable and constantly regenerating resource made of fossilized diatoms - aquatic algae. It is water-absorbent and quick drying, in addition to having draining holes and pathways underneath for excess water to drain in a nearby sink. 

With proper care, this soap dish can last a lifetime - avoid dropping or colliding with other hard objects. 



100% diatomaceous earth.

Use & Care

Wash any excess residual soap off as needed.

Stains can be removed with light sanding.

Avoid dropping or colliding with any other hard objects.


Check your local waste management facility for final disposal.


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