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Coconut Bottle Brush

Coconut Bottle Brush

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Discover the eco-friendly Coconut Bristle Brush, your ideal solution for effortless cleaning of cups, mason jars, travel mugs, and dishes.

Gentle on surfaces yet tough on stubborn residues, this coconut husk brush is the perfect choice. Its non-scratch design ensures your items stay pristine, while its abrasiveness tackles even the most stubborn messes with ease.

Thanks to the natural oil-resistant properties of coconut husk, these bristles excel at cleaning out grooves and reaching those tricky, hard-to-access spots.

For added longevity, hang the brush to dry between uses. Elevate your cleaning routine with this sustainable, versatile, and effective coconut bristle brush.


Coconut husk bristles, beechwood handle.

Use & Care

Rinse off soap after each use and let air dry between uses.

To sanitize, place in a vinegar solution or place coconut bottle brush out in the sun.

Keep away from high heat or flames.


Repurpose the brush for shoe cleaning, general house cleaning, gardening, etc.

Compostable bristles can be cut off and placed into compost. Check your local waste management facility for disposal of handles.


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