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Dual Scouring Soft Sponge

Dual Scouring Soft Sponge

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That traditional sponge feel without the plastic. 

Loofah scouring sponge on top, paired with absorbent wood pulp cellulose on the bottom, perfect for all sponge related messes!

Made completely of plant based materials, these sponges are compostable at their end of use. 


Wood pulp cellulose, loofah.

Use & Care

Upon first use, soak sponge and allow it to expand before use. Allow to dry in between uses.

To sanitize, place the sponge in a bowl with boiling water from a kettle, briefly boil in a pot or place it out in the sun.

Keep away from high heat and flames.


Repurpose for other general cleaning purposes. Loofah can also be used for extra drainage at the bottom of potted plants.

At end of use, cut sponge into smaller pieces before composting.


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