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Mamaa Trade

African Black Soap

African Black Soap

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African Black Soap is a traditional beauty product from Ghana with rejuvenating properties. It is know for curing face or body acne and healing dry and cracked skin. Black soap is a deep pore cleansing with anti-bacterial properties, crafted from natural ingredients using a process developed centuries ago and passed down through generations. 

Ideal for oily, acne prone or combination skin. 

After use, it is important to moisturize, it can be drying for some skin types. 

This authentic African black soap is handmade made from water, oils and potash in Ghana by Nongtab Nangtaab women's cooperative. They make potash from cocoa pods husks and banana leaves and add coconut oil, palm kernel oil and shea butter.

Handmade in Ghana by Kongo Nagbok Nongtaab Shea Butter Production women's cooperative.

Kongo Nagbok Nongtaab Shea Butter Production unites more than 100 widows in the community. Shea butter is often called African women’s gold, and it has been used for cooking and caring for babies’ skin for thousands of years. Making shea butter is a skill that is passed on from mothers to daughters and every woman in the area knows how to make it for household needs. Making baskets and shea butter offers the local women, especially widows who are in a vulnerable situation, an opportunity to earn vital additional income, which they invest in educating their children and ensuring a better food supply for their families.


Potassium (cocoa bean husks, plantain leaves and coconut oil), water, palm kernel oil, shea butter.


Wet bar and rub it in your hands to create a lather or rub onto a cleansing sponge, then wash face and or body. Rinse well. Follow up with your favourite moisturizer.


Imported from Ghana individually wrapped plastic to ensure freshness and integrity of the bars.


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