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From DIY to Professional: My Journey to Finding the Perfect Product Labels

Thank you to Sticker Canada for sponsoring and inspiring this blog post.

As a small business owner, there are an infinite number of tasks running through your head at any given time, and we tend to prioritize what we are best at. For me, graphic design is not my strongest suit. Futhermore, when I launched Jaded, I didn’t have any intention of creating my own skincare products, so I didn’t even consider how to brand my own products.

However, as I delved into the world of pure plant oils and their benefits for the skin, I found myself experimenting and creating face oils to address my own skincare concerns. I was navigating the waters of the early signs of aging, while still working through my longtime battle with acne. I truly thought by the time I was ready for anti-wrinkle creams, my acne days would be long behind me, unfortunately this is not the case. I have however, been able to keep fine lines, breakouts, and more importantly scarring, at bay by harnessing the power of plant oils.

Then I started to make face oils for the people I love and it appeared I was on to something. This was so gratifying for me, because not only was I helping others feel great about their skin, but I was helping them transition away from toxic ingredients commonly found in skincare products. Encouraged by the positive feedback from my loved ones, and a growing demand, I decided to go public with my face oils.

Creating product labels became my next challenge. After spending days on Canva, I finally designed labels that felt authentic to my brand. But then came the printing dilemma. The intricate ingredient labels required for skincare products made it difficult to fit all the information on a small label without sacrificing legibility. Even after trying various printing options and templates, the labels were either blurry, misaligned, or wasted.

Eventually, I managed to create a usable label template, but the labels were not identical, and it showed when bottles were displayed side by side. To make matters worse, the matte labels I initially chose, made from recycled materials, didn't hold up well with oil-based products, appearing smudged and dull over time. I discovered that I needed a different type of label compatible with laser printers, unlike the inkjet printer I had purchased earlier.

Realizing I had invested too much time, effort, and money into the DIY approach, I decided to seek professional help. Finding a local printer with low minimum order quantities that fit my budget proved to be a challenge. However, my dedication to supporting small businesses led me to a nearby printer who provided a quote within my price range and promised a fast turnaround. Excitedly, I went to pick up my labels, only to be disappointed by the lackluster quality. The labels turned out in grayscale instead of the anticipated light, creamy beige color, and the entire design was compressed to fit, resulting in pixelation. Despite my disappointment, I paid and left without complaint.

The search for the perfect label solution continued, as I refused to settle for anything less than outstanding.

I think I have the Universe to thank for this, because just as I was losing hope, an email from Sticker Canada caught my attention. Unlike the generic emails I had received from other printing companies after requesting quotes, they provided personalized attention and offered to do a trial run of printing my labels. When I received the final product, I was overjoyed—the fonts were crisp, and the colors were exactly as I had envisioned. Finally, I had professional, durable labels that aligned with my business.

Previously, I had been using product labels that didn't meet my standards, causing me embarrassment and frustration. But now, with high-quality labels from Sticker Canada, I can proudly display my Jaded face oils alongside other established natural skincare brands. These labels contribute to building brand recognition and help me stand out in the competitive online commerce world. In addition, pop-up markets have been instrumental in expanding my reach and creating brand awareness. Consistent and memorable branding through well-designed labels allows me to leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

As a small business owner, I faced numerous challenges when it came to designing and printing product labels that accurately represented my brand. The DIY approach proved to be time-consuming, frustrating, and costly. However, my unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products led me to seek professional assistance. I am so thankful to have found a solution at last. A Canadian company, with a dedicated customer service team, that provided me with high-quality labels that surpassed the oil-proof test with ease. I am looking forward to upgrading all my products with their new skins as soon as possible. 

If you are looking for a label printer that won't disappoint, I would truly recommend Sticker Canada. They make all types of stickers, decals, business cards and more!

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