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Benefits Of Using Natural Powdered Dry Shampoo vs. Aerosol Sprays

You Should Use A Natural Powder Dry Shampoo. Here's Why:

Aerosols have been a resounding environmental concern since they typically contain propellants such as butane or propane, which are harmful to the environment when released into the atmosphere. These propellants contribute to air pollution and can also affect the ozone layer.

More recently, a recall of over a dozen types of aerosol dry shampoo products in Canada, has consumers taking a closer look at the human health concerns as well. The use of aerosol products is regulated in Canada under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). The use of certain chemicals in aerosol products, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is restricted or prohibited under CEPA due to their potential harm to human health and the environment.

In November of 2022, more than 1.5 million aerosol dry shampoo products were recalled in Canada due to the presence of the cancer-causing chemical (VOC) benzene, classified as a human carcinogen. The aerosol dry shampoo recall included lots from Bed Head, Dove & Tresemmé. 

So now that your ready to ditch the aerosols, let's talk about your next move.

The Benefits of Powder Dry Shampoo

Natural powder dry shampoos offer several benefits over aerosol dry shampoos. Natural powder dry shampoos are typically made with natural ingredients such as arrowroot powder, plant based starch, or clay, which absorb excess oil from the hair and scalp. These ingredients are generally considered safe and non-toxic, and do not contribute to air pollution or harm the ozone layer.

Furthermore, powder dry shampoos are often sold in eco-friendly packaging and last longer than the aerosol options.

Why I Chose Green & Frugal’s Powder Dry Shampoo

The powder dry shampoo available at Jaded, not only uses natural ingredients, but is formulated to actually make your hair and scalp healthier.

The Green & Frugal Powder Dry Shampoo is made with a combination of arrowroot powder and clays, which absorb excess oil without leaving any residue. As well as a medley of hair health boosting ingredients, such as bamboo leaf extract and diatomaceous earth.

I have tried a number of natural powder dry shampoo options, including some specialized for dark hair, and this one comes out far beyond the rest. After applying a light dusting to the scalp, both the oil and powder just disappears. No residue is left behind and I never feel any build up on my scalp (like I have with some cocoa powder blends). My hair appears freshly washed, voluminous and no one would say otherwise.

A Closer Look at the Ingredient List

Powder & Clays - Arrowroot Powder, Multani Mitti, aka Fullers Earth, and Rhoussel Clay have a long history of use for their hair cleansing properties. Together, these powders work together to absorb oil from the strands and scalp without weighing down the hair.

Diatomaceous Earth - A mineral that is nearly entirely made up if silica. Silica is an essential component for healthy hair, skin and nails. Diatomaceous earth is extremely beneficial for hair health as the silica strengthens hair, reduces breakage and hair fall out.

Bamboo Leaf Extract - Another excellent source of silica. Bamboo leaf extract is also known to increase blood circulation, which in turn, aids hair growth.

Cedarwood, Geranium, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils - These essential oils aid hair growth and balance oil production. They are also known to reduce hair loss or fall out and fight signs of dandruff.

See full ingredient list here.

How to Use Powder Dry Shampoo

Less is more! Start powder dry shampoo application by shaking a light dusting of the product directly onto your roots, starting at your part. Use your fingers to tousle your hair and watch as the powder disappears and any signs of greasy hair goes with it. Do one section at a time until you are satisfied. Do not over do it! Start small and work your way up, a little goes a long way.

Low Waste Aspect of Powder Dry Shampoo

Moreover, natural powder dry shampoos often come in sustainable packaging such as glass jars or compostable pouches, making them an eco-friendly option. Green & Frugal Powder Dry Shampoo comes in an aluminum shaker. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, but these containers are also refillable at any Green & Frugal location in the GTA.

Natural powder dry shampoos also tend to last longer than aerosol dry shampoos, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run. I find a full bottle of powder dry shampoo lasts me well over one year with 2-3 uses per week and a thick head of greasy-prone hair.

Still have questions? I would be happy to answer them, leave a comment or contact me through your preferred method of communication.




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