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Tongue Scrapper

Tongue Scrapper

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Tongue cleaning is an important factor to maintaining a healthy oral environment.

Tongue scrapping helps to decrease bacteria that causes bad breath, inflamed gums, cavities, and works more effectively than a toothbrush alone.

For best results, scrape your tongue first thing in the morning when you wake up before eating, drinking, or brushing. In doing so, you are removing any bacteria that is present in your mouth prior to swallowing it into your stomach, further aiding overall gut health. Scrape the tongue 7-14 times and follow up with brushing your teeth as normal. This can be repeated again at night, or any time you have bad breath.


100% 304 stainless steel.

Use & Care

Rinse with hot water and wipe after each use. Deep clean regularly with hot soapy water or place in dishwasher. Alternatively, wipe with alcohol or a 50/50 vinegar water solution.


Keep forever!!


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Tongue Scrapper

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